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About this Book
Many fans of David Rohl's books have recognised Exodus – Myth or History? as his greatest work to date.
Since the turn of the century, there has been a growing awareness of the heated debate raging within academia over the Old Testament– focussing on its value as a true or accurate record of Israelite history. The consensus among secular historians and archaeologists today is that the biblical narratives are essentially mythological – a ‘pious fiction’ created by the Judean priesthood sometime between the seventh and third centuries BC.
The reason why many scholars take this position is that the epic stories of the Old Testament have an almost complete lack of foundation in the archaeological record. After two centuries of concerted archaeological investigations, scholars have failed to produce any evidence for the stories of Joseph, Jacob and the Israelites in Egypt; no remains of a large population of Semitic slaves in Egypt’s eastern delta; no mass Exodus of those Hebrews out of Egypt, led by a charismatic leader named Moses; and no city destructions in Canaan to reflect the dramatic story of the conquest of the Promised Land by Joshua and the Israelite tribes.
Thirty years of archaeological research by British Egyptologist and historian, David Rohl (in conjunction with a large team of like-minded investigators) has finally revealed the reason why. Simply put, archaeologists and historians have been looking in all the right places for the biblical stories, but in entirely the wrong time. It is now clear that the Exodus never happened in the reign of Ramesses the Great, as most scholars and all the Hollywood movies have insisted, but rather in a much earlier period – the Middle Bronze Age.
Exodus – Myth or History? solves the chronological conundrums of biblical history to reveal the true era of the Israelite Sojourn, Exodus and Conquest. A revolution in Biblical Archaeology is underway, which is going to transform how we think about the Old Testament and its epic narratives, bringing the stories of Joseph, Moses and Joshua out of the shadowy world of myth and back into the light of real history.
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